What do Germans toast? (2024)

What do Germans toast?

When it comes to giving a toast in German, it's best to go with the phrase “Prost” as this is the closest they have to the English word “cheers”, however, another option is “Gesundheit” which translates to “good health”. Below are 5 ways to say “cheers” in German.

What is a typical German toast?

Easily the most common way of saying cheers in German, prost is an expression that means “to life” or “to health.” (It also rhymes with toast!) Additionally, you can say ain prost, meaning “a toast,” to let everyone know you're in the mood to raise your glass.

What do Germans say when they cheers?

An important one to note is “Prost! ', your German version of “Cheers!”, which you can use in all types of situations. And don't forget your please and thank you in German when ordering a round. Cheers!

What does Zicke Zacke mean in English?


Supposedly it means a toast, a toast, a cozy place. What we can tell you for certain is that it's chanted often, and really fun to say.

What is Bavarian toast?

“Prost!” Though this might look the same as the “cheers” used by Northern Germans when they toast, you'll have to soften your consonants and roll your rrs to make the Bavarian equivalent sound correct.

What is the best toast in Germany?

1) Prost! This is a toast that you can use for all occasions and situations. It's not the formal toast because it doesn't contain any “Cheers.” However, if you're looking for some German cheers, this is a good one! “Prost” is basically saying that everyone is going to have fun and enjoy themselves.

What is the iconic German bread?

Pumpernickel, a steamed, sweet-tasting bread, is internationally well known, although not representative of German black bread as a whole. Most German breads are made with sourdough. Whole grain is also preferred for high fiber.

What do Germans say before a toast?

From the first drink to the fourth round, don't forget a quick “Prost!” or “Ein Prosit” before taking your first sip. Always make eye contact when toasting. Don't toast with water. It's considered bad luck in Germany.

What is Oktoberfest toast?

Very often, Ein Prosit is followed by the simple toast, “Oans, zwoa, drei, gsuffa!”, which means, “one, two, three, drink”.

What do you yell at Oktoberfest?

O'zapft is, in particular, is the most iconic of Oktoberfest sayings. This is the cry you will here once the Mayor of Munich has tapped the ceremonial keg, thus kicking off the entire two-week-long event.

What do Germans say before drinking?

As we've already mentioned if you want to say cheers in German you use the word “prost,” one of many must-know phrases for the beer halls of Oktoberfest. Beware that Germans insist on making eye contact when saying cheers.

What does hoi hoi hoi mean in German?

“Zigge, zagge, zigge, zagge, hoi, hoi, hoi!”: means “A toast, a toast, to a warm, cozy place, yes, yes, yes, (or hey, hey hey)!” “O'zapft is!”: means “The first official beer keg of the fest has been tapped or bunged and its party time!”

What do Germans say when drinking?

Most german people say „prost“ when drinking or celebrating something, you can also say „auf's Wohl“ which means „on health“ or so. But we also say „cheers“ a lot because English is being integrated more and more into the German vocabulary.

What is a butter toast in German?

In German cuisine, Butterbrot (literally: butter bread = bread with butter) is a slice of bread topped with butter. It is still considered Butterbrot even if additional toppings such as cheese, spreads, or lunch meats are added, as long as it begins with a slice of bread with butter.

What is the drinking song at Oktoberfest?

Ein Prosit song lyrics (German)

After the band plays this song, everyone raises their glasses and says: “Oans, zwoa, drei, Gsuffa!” meaning “one, two, three, drink!”. You must sing this song, and drink after each song. It's the law. Raise your beers and sing along to Ein Prosit.

How do you say cheers in Munich?

Prost!: (Prōst) If you've ever been to our Haus you've definitely heard this term more than once. This is how we say, “Cheers!” In the commands form our bands you'll also hear ein Prosit which means “a toast.”

What is the most eaten breakfast in Germany?

Breakfasts in Germany tend to be fairly hearty and often start with some bread or rolls which are served with spreads such as butter, jam, and marmalade. Sausage, eggs, cheese, and bacon are common breakfast items too, as are potato pancakes.

What are sandwiches called in Germany?

The German Sandwich known as Butterbrot

It is a simple open-faced sandwhich – a slice of bread, generously buttered and topped with savory or sweet ingredients.

What food is Germany known for?

These German recipes celebrate some of the dishes Germany is most known for: crispy fried schnitzel, robust sausages, chewy pretzels, and all manner of mustard-tinged delights. We've even included a handful of items on the sweeter side, too, like a tangy apricot kuchen and a berry-studded German pancake.

How do Germans eat their bread?

The German bread and butter for breakfast is... well, bread and butter! Lightly toasted or freshly sliced, you add a generous spread of butter or margarine and then pick your topping. As a topping, Germans like it sweet, like jams, marmelade, Nutella or honey.

Why is German bread so special?

German bread is unlike any other bread known to Europe. It is dark, chewy and dense, composed mainly of whole grains, such as rye, spelt, and millet. Wheat is taking a back-seat compared to other countries, where it is the dominant grain, resulting in lighter, whiter and starchier (and less healthy) bread types.

What do Germans call white bread?

das Weißbrot

(No machine translations here!)

What do Germans say after burping?

This is a well known German thing when someone burps 😂 After somebody burps, you say: Schulz! Sometimes, it is accompanied by putting your thumb on your Stirn (forehead).

What do you say when toasting?

Or, if some of those things are well known, you can keep your toast super simple: “Raise your glasses to (person, people, or organization) because (reason or occasion). (Add a compliment here.) Cheers!”

What does Probst mean in German?

German: from Middle High German probest 'superviser, provost' (from Latin propositus), an occupational name for the head of a religious chapter or educational establishment, or, since such officials were usually clergy and celibate, a nickname probably for a self-important person.


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